Ideas for Hens Night Parties at Home

Not every bride-to-be wants to celebrate her coming marriage with a night out on the town. Some prefer a night in with their bridal parties, close friends, and a few members of both families. For those women, there are many games and activities from which to choose.

Throw a Party

Instead of going out and having too many drinks on your hens night, your bridal party, friends, and female family members like the mothers and sisters can have a fun party at home. There are several treats that can be made for the party, such as sandwiches, pizza, or desserts.

Themed Treats

If you and your friends and family don’t mind adult-themed treats, you can purchase cupcake moulds, ice moulds, and even linguini called Weenie Linguine Pecker Pasta. The themed treats can help set a festive mood while everyone chats, listens to music, and celebrates the bride’s nuptials.

Party Games

You can also opt to purchase themed games to play at home to keep the night interesting. For instance, if there are people who do not know each other at your hens party, then ice breaker games can be a fun way to get to know each other. One such game is Bride to Be Secrets Reveal Game.

This game allows everyone to get to know the bride better, but it can also be used to introduce others at the party, such as future in-laws or old friends to new ones. Having a party at home keeps everyone sober and out of trouble.