Hens Night Games


A hens party can be as much fun as your big day and hens night games are the must to break the ice and get the party started. Often, you would have a variety of guests of different age groups at your hens night event and some may not have even met each other before. So, to ensure that your hens party is filled with loads of fun and laughter, we’ve given you a collection of cheap hens night games for your hens party.


Pecker Ring Toss Game

Do you want to relive your childhood with a bit of adult fun? Dicky Hoopla game is your perfect choice to let everyone laugh and some throughout the entire event. The pecker ting toss game comes with five rings to toss and pecker standing approx 15cm high. Get a chance to toss the ring on the pecker and the person who gets the most rings on the Willy wins.


Ladies Night Trivia Coasters

If you want to offer something fun for everyone, the Ladies Night Trivia Coasters is perfect for your hen night event. This game keeps the conversation and the laughs flowing over the course of the night. It comes in a thick pack of colourful coasters each with a question based around men, relationships and romance.


Stick a Dick Hunk Game

Stick a Dick Hunk Game is the renowned 'pin the tail on the donkey' and will definitely be the icebreaker. This game includes Willy eye mask, 12 reusable character Willy stickers, special prize sticker for the winner, a giant glossy poster of a hunk and an optional cut-out head so you can play on any male.


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