Pink is any woman’s favourite colour.  If you look at any lady’s shopping pattern, you would be amazed to see them choose at least a few products with a pink colour on it.  Thanks to the creator for this unanimous biological trait.  Decorating your party with a pink theme is very easy and it does not cost much.  You can organise a wonderful party without affecting your wallet much.  Here we present to you a few guidelines that can make your great day look very special.

  • Dress Code: Obviously, the main thing on the list!  The bride can ask the hens to wear a dress in Pink for the hens night party. 
  • Invitations: Create your own hens party invitations with your beautiful calligraphic handwriting on a pink invitation.
  • Cakes & Champagne: Cakes in pink colour with rose champagne, will give a fantastic look for the Hens Party.  Also, have the cake table and cocktails decorated in pink colour.
  • Cuisine Time: Of course, you cannot have your food in pink colour, but, you can have the décors in pink.  Buy fresh pink flowers from the nearby market and arrange your food table with these flowers as a centrepiece.  Also, have a sign board behind the brides chair during the dining time.  The sign boards can read as – “Future Mrs,” “Kiss the Miss Goodbye,” or anything that is eye-catching!
  • Pink Floral Tiara: Instead of the regular tiaras, you can pick to use, flowers as your Hens night tiara for the bride and hens.
  • Use shades of Pink: If you use excessive of pink colour, it is sure that you will get bored.  In its place, use, combinations of Gold, Silver and White.  This will freshen up the look of the décor and will give a classic look.

These are just a few ideas that will boost your enjoyment. Certainly, there are many hens party ideas that you can definitely try and make your day very special.