Bachelorette Party

Ah, marriage. There’s nothing like it. You, your sister, one of your best friends – someone near and dear to you is about to enter into this most beautiful of unions with the person of her dreams.


That’s the future.


The present, however, is all about fun and self-indulgence. We all deserve a chance to let our hair down every once in a while and a bachelorette party is about as sanctioned a time as ever to do just that! As such, here are just a few great hens night ideas to add a little spice and personality to your bachelorette party.


Party Ideas

When it comes to planning a party, you first and foremost want to consider the person for whom this whole bash is being thrown. What are her interests? What are her likes? And what kind of themes and available items work to complement all of that?

From crowns, tiaras, sashes, and all manner of hens night wear to specially-shaped favours and sweets, there’s an endless number of different indulgences at your disposal. Customisation is your friend. You want your party to have personality and for your friend to feel as though you’ve sincerely put in some serious effort on her behalf.


Party Games


One concept that always makes for an interesting way to add some of that aforementioned personality to a bachelorette party? Party games! When it comes to seeking the best hens night games, you’ll again want to look to your friend’s tastes. What sort of games might she find amusing? What type of prizes would make for something hilarious, indulgent, or both?

From party wear and decorations to party favours, gifts, and games – all this and more can bring a much-needed dose of personality to your next bachelorette party!