hen party game activities


Planning for a hens' party is almost as fun as the party itself. In order to make sure the atmosphere is as festive and fun as it can be, you need to make sure you have all your hens' party accessories. If you plan to visit the pubs, then you will want to include such accessories as the bride to be tiara and veil, bachelorette diamond ring cocktail stirrers, and pecker straws in a variety of colours.


Drinking Accessories

These types of accessories will make your hens party activities just that much more fun. When you are out on the town, you also do not want to forget to sport a diva bag or carry your hen party swirl straw. Also, do not forget the hot pink goblet cup for the bride to be.


Bride to be umbrellas straws also add a bit of a tropical touch to the hens' party and naturally, you do not want to forget the decorations either. Select such decorative enhancements as the following:


  • Metallic pink balloons
  • Hens' night foil banners
  • Girls night out confetti
  • Pecker confetti
  • Black hens' party balloons
  • Pecker hens' party streamers
  • Pink pecker honeycomb centrepieces


Try Out the Bride to be Secrets Reveal Game

The bride to be secrets reveal game is an ideal hens night activity as it involves all the hen’s and get everyone interacting. The game can be played individually or in groups, depending on how many hen’s are at the party and how you decide it should be played.


The aim of the game is to ask the bride to be questions in different categories based on the cards handed out. Some of the categories include; her past, sex life, the happy couple or even the wedding itself. After everyone has asked the questions the bride to be will reveal all her answers (usually to the laughs of everyone involved) and the person/team with the most correct answers wins.


The great feature about this game is that it puts the bride at the centre of attention, with everyone asking her questions which will make her feel special while at the same time providing laughs by all, once the answers have been revealed.


If you want to add a bit of flair to your girl’s hen outfits, you may want to try the burlesque 1920s flapper headbands, each of which comes with a feather. The Willy veil is also popular, as are the big hens' party ties and pink sequin devil horns which are in high demand at hens' festivities.