hens party


When a friend is recently engaged, there is nothing quite like a hens party to celebrate the event. These parties range from the tamest party imaginable to the naughtiest, but, regardless of which one you choose, they all have one thing in common – they are a lot of fun! Part of the preparations for one of these parties will include buying all the latest games and decorations to make the party an extra special and memorable event. Luckily Pecka Products can provide you with everything you need at the click of a button.


A Night to Remember

Naturally, we supply basic hens night decorations like balloons but we also carry some pretty unique items such as fun and colourful confetti, party favours, and lots of pecka-shaped items that include ice cube trays, drink stirrers, straws, cake moulds, ring toss games, and balloons. After all, regardless of how laid-back or conservative the party-goers are, no good hens’ night would be complete without some cheeky items dotting around the party. We are continuously coming up with newer and more amusing items all the time, making each party a little more unique than the last one.


Let your Hair Down

When the girls get together for a night out, it is usually a no-holds-barred event and because you are going to be with other women all night – after all, men are never allowed at these types of parties – why not let your hair down and have some fun? Our website is full of items to make your event special and the best part is that you can get everything you want delivered straight to your door. This eliminates the need to travel all over town to get the items you need. You simply visit our site, choose your products and place the order. In no time at all your hen’s night games and dozens of other items that are sure to make your party unforgettable will be ready for you to hand out to the girls and begin the party.