Hens parties are intended to be a fun night, but can soon become a potential battlefield if you aren’t mindful about a few basic rules:

Whom to Invite:

The party may or may not be a surprise for the bride but the guest list certainly shouldn’t be. You cannot invite the bride’s mother in law and expect her to be cool about it, especially if the two have been exchanging cold vibes. Even if they get along well, not all brides may be comfortable to play naughty games and behave risqué in the presence of their mother or mother-in-law so make sure you check with the Bride to Be first.

Who Pays:

This is by far the most contentious issue. As a rule the bride does not pay. This rule usually extends to the mother in law and mother of the bride. Discuss your plans with those invited and make sure everyone agrees to the cost.

What to do:

A naughty hens party is fine as long as everyone involved is comfortable. But if the guest of honour isn’t too keen on mischief in the presence of her family, consider splitting the party with two separate events. One half can be kept clean with a sophisticated luncheon or an afternoon high tea and the other half can be as wild as wild can get. Our hens night shop has supplies for both groups.   

Combining Bucks Party and Hens Night:

As long as the bride and the groom socialise with the same set of friends, this is alright. But otherwise, that’s not a great idea and its best to have the event separately as it is meant to be your last night of freedom!