You don’t have to spend a fortune to arrange a hen do. Spending a weekend in a beach resort or hiring a stripper for an act seems to be in vogue, but can make a significant dent in your pocket. Here are some ideas that are cheap and yet fun:

•    A sleepover at a friend’s place with takeaway for dinner, a few chick flicks and great friends for some light-hearted gossip is all you need.  And to add to the fun element throw in some naughty games. We have plenty of cheap hens night party supplies and accessories that you can choose as prizes for winners.

•    A dinner at a local restaurant with friends is a great idea. Check if they could give a separate room for your group so that you can enjoy some fun time without worrying about disturbing others. This is also a great place to indulge in some games and gossip with friends.

•    A get together where friends gather to cook something and make some crafty things is ideal for a common group of friends. Choose from our fun range of cutlery that includes willy shaped forks, straws, etc.

•    A pub crawl isn’t really a bad idea as long as you and your friends are mature and can keep things fairly decent. Games like truth or dare and scavenger hunts can help to keep the fun going.

The best and the most memorable hens parties are those where things are kept simple and guests aren’t dragged from one activity to another. Besides, they’d hate to spend money on forced activities that they do not enjoy.