A hens night out (Girl's night out) is just the thing if you are planning for a special occasion like a bridal shower, hens do or a bachelorette party or just need a break.


Get away from the stress and mundaneness of normal life. Escape the boredom and sameness of work. Get away from it all (whatever it may be) with some special hens party activities that will add a spark of difference in your life and create a special and memorable occasion for the Bride, you and your friends to relax, party, and enjoy something totally different.

Like any special occasion a perfect hens night requires some planning and preparation and you may require the help of a professional to pull off the perfect atmosphere and effect that you want.

These are a few ideas to entertain and delight you and your friends that will definitely add a different flair to your hens party. These hens night activity ideas are sure to bring a smile to every guest and will ensure the Bride has a great last night of freedom as a single lady!

Life Drawing

Get sophisticated and artistic with a life drawing party. You and your friends can try their hands at real life model drawing with the help of a professional artist and all the supplies you will need. Models can be arranged in any pose and any state of dress or undress you and your friends prefer. Create a masterpiece that you can share or maybe hide from your friends and family.

Pamper Party

Pamper yourself and your friends with a complete body and face treatment from a spa or beauty consultant. Choose the most relaxing and invigorating body massage, mud bath, face treatment, or hair treatment you can imagine. Make up and let yourself luxuriate in a special pampering party.

Ghost Tour

Get spooky and a little scared. Everyone likes to be scared just a little. Visit a local haunted house (verified haunted) with your friends or create your own. Dress to fit the occasion and have all the drinks you need to bolster your courage before the tour or to regain your composure with after the tour. Imagine the pictures of you and your friends frightened faces.

Treasure Hunt

Decide on the treasure you want and go find it. Hunt in a small area or hunt all over your home town. The idea is to appeal to every woman’s sense of adventure and to bring out their natural talent for finding things out. Prizes are your option and objective.

Cocktail Class

Learn how to make exotic cocktails with a cocktail class. Have a professional barman teach you how to make the perfect cocktail. Enjoy the results of your work in comfort and style. Sample your creation and your friend's creations. You may want to plan for a designated driver or have this party at your home so everyone can crash there for the night.

Cupcake Baking Class

If you and your friends like to cook or want to learn then try a cupcake baking class. Get instruction from a professional chef in how to prepare, cook and decorate the most delicious cupcakes you ever tasted. Sample all of your friend's creations. You can go back to that diet tomorrow.  Cupcake classes can be held at your own home or for some added excitement go to their venue so it feels like you’re out on the town and celebrating in style.

Stay tuned for more Hens Party activities to be added to our blog shortly …..