If there is about to be a wedding then there is someone planning a hens party for the bride. If there is going to be a party then there needs to be something for all of those ladies to do at the party. While there are many options, if you are planning a hen’s party do not be afraid to think outside of the box.


There are always the traditional drinks and a male dancer, that is a bit played out and maybe you just want something a little more memorable for the hen’s party you are planning. Not to worry, there are plenty of options and most of them are quite enjoyable.


One of the first things that come to mind for your hens party activities is to go on a party cruise. What could be better than you and all of your girlfriends piled onto a beautiful boat and cruising around the water without a care in the world? This could create a truly memorable evening and you will have the pictures to show the bride the next day.


If you are going to be having a more sophisticated crowd at your hen’s party you may want to try and have a high tea with all of the bells and whistles. This will prove to be an enjoyable activity for ladies of all ages and you can save the craziness for the bachelorette party later.


Another good idea for the kickoff to a hens night activity is a winery tour complete with a wine tasting, this activity alone should get all those party juices flowing while remaining calm for now, later well that could be anyone’s guess.


Whatever the bride and the bridesmaids cook up remember to make it memorable and what could be more memorable than having a nice dinner, some drinks and then everyone poofs their hair up for an evening of Bogan Bingo, that’s right you and your friends could be playing air guitar right now and winning prizes.


When you are planning a hen’s night you have to take into consideration what the bride would like, it only makes sense that a bride that would enjoy Bogan Bingo is probably not going to be happy with a high tea, so know your bride and everyone will be able to enjoy the day or evening equally.


Do not be afraid to combine a couple of these activities, or plan two parties, one for the older ladies and one for the wild ladies. Although is it even possible not to enjoy an evening listening to Guns and Roses and playing bingo? Whatever you choose the main idea is to have fun and let the bride to be let her hair down one more time.