Organising a hens party, even a hen weekend, can be costly. Let's face it, a good time can be extremely hard to plan while staying inside a set budget. There are several factors to consider when making sure you don’t break your budget. If you're planning on throwing a hens night, then here are some vital factors that you're going to need to figure in to the final costs.


What She Has in Mind


It is crucial for throwing a hen party to know what she has in mind. The most important factor in this type of party is making sure that her expectations aren't let down. The worst-case scenario, no matter the budget, is not doing what she wanted. Also, by knowing what the hen is expecting the sooner you can start finding the most affordable options to make it all happen. As with any thing party or travel related, the sooner you can get a jump on prices the better the deal you'll get.


The Venue


The venue, or place, you decide to have the then party can save or lose massive amounts of money. There are various places within Australia that offers hen party packages for as little as $50 - $100.  Hire a room and bring the entertainment, food and drinks yourself.  It may save you money but will take up more of your time so may be less stressful for a venue to handle the entire hens event.  Don’t forget you can always hold the hens night at someone’s home! Entertainment, pamper packages all are mobile these days making it easier to hold this special event at the comfort of someone’s home.  Don’t forget who will be in charge of cleaning up after.  If a city such as London or New York is going to be the destination for your hen party, be prepared to pay a little more… they are one of the more expensive cities on the planet!


Drink Limits


One of the most important factors in pricing your hen party are the drinks. The drinks can be the most expensive piece of any hens party. By knowing what each person is going to pitch-in for the party will help determine just what can be spent on drinks. There are several places, as mentioned before, that offer hen packages. Many of these packages will include a certain number of drinks before they start to charge the group. Try and find venues where you can BYO so you can bring your own. Make your own punch and cocktails and save the extra $$$ for the entertainment and hens party supplies. Looking into the offers and details of the different options will be the main factor that saves your budget.




Finding a reliable source for group transport that is easy to access and light on the pocket book is essential for keeping within your set budget. Some of the best options is to hire a mini-bus, often referred to as a party bus. For the most part, the transportation will be a place to leave your bags, purses and even coats while you're drinking in the next bar. It's also very handy for crashing in after a hard night of partying!


These are some of the simplest ways to save your cash and trying to accommodate budgets in a hen’s party. Finding inventive, creative, and well-thought activities will save you money and add a new measure of fun to the night of drinking and friends.