We have heard of many outrageous Hens Party ideas before but what we came across today would have to be one of the most unique up there!!!!

We all know the Irish are a bit eccentric and love to have a lot of fun so when we saw what one of their favourite hen’s rituals was we had to share it with everyone.
From Farmer's Wife to Chic Sophisticate, this Hen Night Experience that has it all! A small Country town called Meath in Ireland is the home to the famous Causey Farm. Now you’re probably thinking what on earth would you be doing having a Hens Party at a farm, what kind of activities would you do taking into account they market this for the ‘Classy kind of Girl’ but you will be surprised the list goes on and on but here are a few of our favourites!
Bog – Jumping!
Bread Making
Cow Milking
Céilí Dancing
Sheep Racing
Horn Drumming
More fun than you ever thought possible!!! Burt there’s more! Your crazy afternoon will be filled with farmyard antics - Roll up your sleeves and make farmhouse brown soda bread. Feed the grunting pigs and clucking hens and watch the sheepdogs gather their flock - if a pig can be a sheepdog, why not a hen? And for the hen, the wonderful Bride to be - paint her life story on the barn wall - high art meets low gossip!
If that’s still not enough entertainment, they encourage you to take the tractor and trailer through the forest and enjoy an ancient Irish pedicure then walk barefoot in the bog! If you feel like eating after that, homemade scones with jam and cream are served!
Is there anything like this in Australia, the states?? We want to know … tell us about your unique Hens Party idea. If you are looking for Hens Party Game Ideas then we have 30 game suggestions ready for you to play and none require a trip to the farm!