Throwing a hen party (or a bachelorette party, depending on what side of the world you are on) can be a lot of stress for a maid of honor. Picking a venue for such an occasion is relatively easy; the hard part is making sure everyone stays entertained. But, not to worry, there are some sure fire hens party prizes and gifts that guarantee that everyone at the party will be having a great time and lots of laughs.


The “willy lollipop” (or penis pop) is one of my personal favourites. The best ones are the rainbow coloured and strawberry flavoured.  YUM.  The ladies will definitely get stared at licking on one of these lollipops, especially if they lick it like it’s the real deal!


The girls will have big smiles on their faces every time their “willy lipstick” touches their lips. The “willy lipstick” is a great thing to have if you plan on playing such games as “Pash the Pic.” The lipstick looks like any ordinary cosmetic that is in their purse until they take the lid off. Surprisingly there are many color options for the lipstick, so the girls can trade off until they find their ideal shade. Or use it as a gag gift. Wait until a girl friend asks to borrow your lipstick, and pull that one out of your purse. Surprise!


Willy whistles and willy bubble dispensers are great prizes to have as well. They both are very functional, complete with that willy shape we all love! These are great to use during a scavenger hunt. What girl doesn’t like bubbles or whistles at her party? It brings the (naughty) children out to play!


Willy chocolates will be the girls’ favourite chocolates they ever have. Not only do they taste great, but they make great prizes too.  Grab your willy chocolate moulds and make five at a time.  The girls can take their time eating them, showing off what “talents” they have or take out their aggressions by biting their chocolate willies as hard as they can!


Hen’s party tattoos are also fun. You can play “Pin the tattoo on the Bride,” which is a knock off of pin the tail on the donkey. Instead of using a pin, have the girls blindfolded, and where ever they touch the bride’s skin, that is where they must stick the tattoo. There are various tattoos. Some are just the word “Bride” or “Bride-to-be.” There are naughty tattoos as well, including a cartoon penis. Imagine if someone has to put that on the bride’s forehead or cheek!


These are just some of the fun and naughty prizes one can have at a Hen’s night party. Make sure you have plenty to go around, and trust me, once you see these prizes, you are going to want to keep some for yourself! So grab any or all of them and let the good times roll!