The Hens Season is fast approaching so we thought we better help those Bridesmaids frantically organising their friends Hens with some Hens Party Game Ideas!   We get a lot of request for Hens Night Games suitable to play with the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom as well as steamy Hens Games which can be played for those who are living on the edge.  We have put together 30 Free Hens Party Game Ideas to suit every Hens Night, Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower.


1. Hens Party Dares

2. How well does the Bride know her Hubby to be?

3. How well do you know the Bride?

4. Hens Scavenger Hunt

5. Design the Wedding Dress

6. The Handbag Game

7. Pass the Parcel

8. Post it Note Game

9. Play Dough Mould Making

10. Truth or Dare

11. Pecka Cup Cake Cook Off

12. Pash the poster

13. I Never….

14. Banned Words

15. Ugliest Picture

16. Balloon Jiggy Jig

17. Find the Cherry

18. Pass the Bouquet

19. Pin the Bouquet on the Bride

20. Souvenir Collection

21. Word Scramble

22. Make Up the Bride

23. Hit the Target

24. Hanging out to Dry

25. Balloon Pop Questions

26. Suck for a Buck Game

27. Bridal Pictionary

28. Pecka Ring Toss

29. Hens Karaoke

30. The Purse Game

To Download a FREE copy of our Hens Party Games Catalogue with full description of how to play each game, click the above link!

Don’t forget if you have any other Hens Game suggestions to leave them in the comments section!