Hens Nights are a night similar in form and function to bachelor parties. On hen's night though, the only men in attendance are working. A Hen's night is for the bride to be and the bridal party. It is more traditionally called the bridal shower, and can be celebrated many different ways.


There are a lot of fun activities, and a lot of different themes to choose from. But most often what works the best is a party with the bride’s friends and relatives. A hen's night cake might make its appearance at such a party. Hen's night cakes are traditionally made to celebrate the bride to be on her special night. A hen's party cake can be designed in any number of ways to support any number of themes. There is no set recipe for this party favour and no set flavour! Choose form chocolate, vanilla, buttercup, butterscotch, caramel, blueberry, orange and poppy seed.  The options are endless.


Some of the more popular themes for hens night parties include, a High Tea theme, complete with lavish decorations and a three tier Hens Night Cake. This is a good theme for the more reserved bride. Not everyone wants alcohol and strippers. Some people are more conservative.


Some hen's night parties take place at a glamorous spa or resort hotel. There the bride can be pampered and petted and anything else she might need to relax during what has to be a stressful time. Most spas and resorts that feature overnight stays, also usually have the facilities and staff to help the bridal party throw a beautiful hen's night party, complete with a made to order bachelorette party cake.


There is no set recipe or way that a hen's night cake has to be made. That's why it is common to choose a theme for the celebration before having the cake made. There are a lot of professional places that will make you any cake you ask for. Sometimes the personal touch works too, so if you want to whip something up yourself, there are plenty of ways you can make a delicious and memorable treat.


One bride got a hen's night cake made of chocolate. Then she got a hammer. Much to her surprise in the center of a cake was a very nice bridal gift from her parents. Other hen's night cakes feature adult themes for the more racy-minded bride to be. And there is nothing wrong with that as long as no one is insulted or offended. It's a celebration, and everything should be in good taste. Cup Cakes are also a hit at present.  One hens party game is to have all the guests bake their own cupcake and decorate as they please.  Pecker cupcakes add a lot of fun to any hens do!


No matter what kind of hens party cake you bring or make, the bride to be is the reason for the party. Try to theme it with that in mind. No matter what you manage to come up with, it's the thought that counts, and it's the effort made that will be appreciated and remembered.