A hens party, or bachelorette party, is nothing without the right hens part novelty items. These are the things that make can make a party great. From decorations to tiaras, some bachelorette-appropriate accessories can make the bride’s last night of singleness one of the most memorable of her life.


Including a good supply of hens party novelties will not only serve as decoration for this special event. These unique items – available in a wide variety of styles and options – also speak of things the bride has to look forward to. For example, sexy card games anticipate a steamy honeymoon while giant inflatable ball and chain remind a bride of her new commitment to a single man – and all of his shortcomings.


Hens party novelty items are also a great way to embarrass the bachelorette. The friends in charge of planning the night of partying will want to get their final teasing in before the bride marries. Dressing her up in accessories like veils, hats, earrings, and sashes that announce she is the bride to be guarantees to make your group the center of attention as you party from club to restaurant to bar.


Some of the most popular hens party novelties include willy items and may also be used as Kris Kringle gifts. Ten of the most popular products include: willy straws, willy bubbles, hen night shot glasses, sashes, and confetti. Hens party novelties like confetti and sashes add fun and flirty elements to a hen party. They announce a bachelorette’s final hours of freedom and her desire to have fun with her girlfriends.


Other hens party novelties can make fun keepsakes for the girls to take home after the last dance has been done and the last drink has been downed. Temporary Girls Night Out Tattoos, hen party bubbles, and hens party badges can be used during the party and taken home afterwards as memories of the brides last night.


Willy items are naughty little keepsakes that will keep the giggles and laughter rolling all evening long. They will no doubt spark a number of unforgettable conversations recalling some awkward or memorable encounters. But willy items can also make fun Kris Kringle gifts or naughty party favours at your next office gift exchange. They are sure to add a bit of excitement to an otherwise boring Kris Kringle party.


A bachelorette’s hens party is her final night to celebrate singleness with her best friends. Some choice hens party novelty items can help make it a night full of memorable conversations and experiences. And when considering how to liven up the next Kris Kringle party, do not forget that naughty hens party items are a great way of doing so.