Ex Rogue Traders Lead Singer and Ex Factor judge, Natalie Bassingthwaighte is set to marry former Rogue Traders band member Cameron McGlinchey, father to her one-year-old daughter Harper, next month but no wedding is complete without the pre wedding Hens Do!

Like most celebrities who seem to make their hen’s night one to remember, Bassingthwaighte’s hens held last weekend was no different.  With a little help from Spice Girls Scary Spice and fellow X Factor judge, Mel B, Nats night was spiced up!  Most of Saturday morning was spent on Twitter with Mel B tweeting Nat to ask if she enjoyed the hens gift she gave her and then urging her 365,000 followers to tweet Nat and find out what the big black present was she organised for her!

"So did you enjoy my big black present i got you??" Mel B tweeted.

"Had a blast & your present was VERY much appreciated!!! xx," Bassingthwaighte replied.

Mel B then wrote a series of tweets to her followers:

"You guys should ask @nataliebassing what i got her last night for her hen night out, it's up to her to tell you, but it's bloody hilarious!!!!

"My lips are sealed @nataliebassing is the ONLY one that can tell you!!

"And @nataliebassing has the pictures to prove it, if she dare show you guys!! hahahahaha," she wrote.

Bassingthwaighte was pested by Mel B’s fans but still she was adamant about not letting slip what the gift was.

"Oh yes don't we have some pics. I've lost my voice from screaming so much. x," Bassingthwwaighte wrote.

After much speculation (even though everyone really knew what the big black gift was!), Mel B finally revealed on the radio that it was a Black Stripper she had organised for Nat!!!  The Black Stripper though had been her second choice after she revealed she had trouble finding a midget stripper available for the night. What is it with celebrity hens and midget strippers?! Kim Kardashian had a midget stripper at hers which was meant to be the highlight of the night!   


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