If you want a Hens Night to remember and one everyone can be part of then it’s time to choose a theme for your Hens Party.  You can be as creative as you like with your theme and for those who have a conscience it may be worth checking with the Bride to Be that she’s happy with the theme or for those more adventurous why not just spring it on her!  Whatever you choose make sure everyone is notified when you send out the invites so they have as much time as possible to find the prefect outfit and hens party accessories to match the theme.  For those struggling with Hens Party Theme ideas we have listed some below to help you create the best Hens night ever!


1.  D-I-S-C-O - Get your Abba tunes out, dust them down, grab your disco ball and get ready for a 70's Disco Party you have never seen before!  We want to see guests in flares, afros, platforms, floral numbers, you get the drill, 70s was an iconic era so this hens party them too will be iconic!  


2. PYJAMA PARTY - what better way to celebrate your last days as a single woman than to spend it at a weekend away with all your girlfriends in your PJs!  You can have it at a house or why not get away for the weekend in a cabin with a fireplace so you can keep warm and cosy and toast the marshmallows!!!   If its summer, get your nighties out and sleep shorts and head to the beach with your favourite girly tunes


3. BLING – What girl doesn’t like a bit of sparkle and bling - Diamonds are a girl’s best friend after all! You can do anything with this theme.  Choose a colour someone has to dress in with matching sparkle or dress everyone the same and then have the bride in her own special custom made bling outfit so she stands out!  This is one theme which you can’t get wrong and will be a hit for sure! 


4. SEX AND THE CITY THEME – For those sophisticated hens then this one’s for you! Get your little black numbers out, get your hair flowing, high heels on and dance the night away.  Take a Limo ride, join in a cocktail class, hire a function rom and decorate with scenes from the movie or pamper yourself silly in the surroundings of your own home.


5. COLOUR – The easiest them of all is to choose a colour and everyone come dressed in that colour.  The invites are in that colour, decorate the venue in that colour and make sure the Bride wears that colour too!!!  Pink is always a great colour to choose as if you want to stand out then this will work for sure!


6. SCHOOL GIRLS – Nothing attracts the boys more than a school uniform! Have everyone dress in their old uniforms with pigtails and ribbon and don’t forget the knee-high socks!  Make the Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom the Principal, give them a notebook and pen and they can discipline those out of control as well as instruct the next games, activities or dares!


7. LAU PARTY - Aloha!  Get your hips swinging into a grass skirt, coconut bikini and lei and the tropics will come to you!  This Hawaiian theme Hens Party is perfect for summer and will definitely make a lasting impression. For those a little nervous about the complete shell bra outfit why not just wear a flower in your hair and lei and bright colour clothes. Don’t forget to add punch and tropical drinks with inflatable palm trees to complete the theme.


Get the handcuffs out, give everyone a hen’s party badge and willy water gun and away you go.  You can choose who plays the baddy and the goodies, making sure the Bride is the main focus at all times.  This is also a great theme to add hens party dares into! As well as drinking competitions for every bad move made


9. PIRATES – Pirate parties are not just for the guys! Why not dec out in Pirate gear, wear your eye patch, have parrots sitting on your shoulder, decorate the venue with skulls and bones and barrels and have a Hens Party Treasure Hunt!  Hide Hens night novelty items and let the hunt begin!


10. 1920s – We may be too young to have been in the 1920s but we have all seen the footage of the FLAPPER era and know they seemed to have the time of their lives when it came to dressing up and partying.  Short skirts were in, make up abundant and bobbed hair dos a must!  This again is a great theme for the sophisticated and classy hen out there.


11. FAIRY TALES & NURSERY RHYMES – For those not so risqué how can you go pass the girliest theme of all, Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes! Is your hen a Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, one of the seven dwarfs, Little Bo Beep, Smurf, Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood ........ the options are endless! Now the Bride has found her Prince Charming this is the perfect theme for a Hens Party and is great for those wanting to do High Tea, dine at a castle, eat fairy bready, sip champagne … just don’t eat the forbidden apple!!!


12. SUPERHEROS/ VILLAINS – Everyone needs to dress up as a superhero once in their life so why not make it for a hens party and show your true Girl Power!  Who wants to be Wonder Woman, Bat Woman,  Batgirl, Spider Woman, Wonder Woman, Bat Woman, Catwoman, Supergirl, The Bionic Woman, Sheira, The Invisible Woman???

13. FRENCH MAIDS – Naughty or Nice this can be a fun one for all.  Dress in black with a white frilly apron; get your duster out and away you go!


14. OP SHOP – Make everyone wear an outfit from an op shop!  Have prizes for the best dressed, worst dressed, put a money limit on what they can spend i.e. your outfit must be purchased for under $10.  Apart for the crazy outfits you will see, there will be so much laughter and best of all you will have helped out a charity from your op shop purchase!

15. SPORTING STARS – Dress as your favourite sporting star or team! Use AFL, Tennis, swimming as inspiration!  You can even take it further and head down to your local lawn bowls club, decorate the venue, put on the barbie, grab some beers and punch, blast the music and start bowling! 

16. SEXY SAILORS - If the hen party is at a beach house or in a coastal location then a sailor theme is a must!  Dress up in white and navy, bring in some topless waiters and make sure they wear their sailor hats!


17. PIMPS & HOES –Bunny costumes, Feather Boas, Fishnets, Vinyl, Leather, Hot Pants and Mini Skirt are what we’re talking about! Make sure you stick together for this one!  

18. DEVIL AND ANGELSHave all guests except the Bride wear black with red devil horns and then dress the Bride in white with feathered wings and halo.  This is always a hit for any hens night at any hens venue!


19. FLUORO PARTY – Head back to our favourite era the 80s and have a fluoro party! Get your hot pink wig on, cut a mullet (not on the Bride!), find your fluoro sweat bands, leg warmers  and don’t forget your 80s hits with a bit of Cyndi Lauper and footloose - dirty dancing style and let the party begin!


20. CELEBRITY HENS – Come to the hens party dressed as your favourite celebrity and have the Bride come as Marilyn Monroe so she is wearing white and looking glamorous.  Give prizes to the best dressed! Make the Bride guess who everyone is and then they have to tell the guests something only they would know about the Bride! Double the fun!