Celebrate the Best Ever Bachelorette Bash

Planning to walk down the aisle all dressed in gossamer and dainty white? Hold your horses, for one of the best nights of your life awaits you prior to saying your vows. The hens night is a special party where you get to let your hair down and de-stress from the wedding planning to go wild with the bridesmaids. So, this write-up helps you celebrate a hens night you will remember forever.

Click Away!

It would be sad not to have every moment of your night immortalised in photographs, so remember to take lots of pictures. Ask a friend to be the official photographer for the evening and doll up so that you look stunning in every image! It is also a great way to click all the bridesmaids together before the wedding for some lovely memories.

Glam up with Group Outfits

Even though the bride can wear a sexy shimmering dress and stand out; it can be fun to colour co-ordinate the bridesmaids outfits. You can also make it the LBD (Little black dress) night for the ladies while the bride dons a stunning red gown. If it is a house party then order T-shirts that spell out the bride’s name and event as a special treat. You can also opt for bridesmaid sashes and pecker lipsticks to amp up the glamour quotient.

Add colour and lots of flavour to your hens party with willy bubbles and penis shaped candy to make it a scintillating evening you remember for decades.