Far from being a hectic task, planning a bachelorette party couldn’t be more fun! Nevertheless, it is a maid of honour’s job to make sure that her best friend has a ball before her big day. Read on to clue in to some exciting ways to pep up the party with special hens night activities involving food and drink.

Get a Naughty Goodie

Nothing trumps munching on a wiener shaped candy bar or cookie, so bring the naughtiness to your party with the sexiest goodies. One of the best desserts you could opt for is an ice-cream cake shaped like a penis. Remember that this night is all about shedding your inhibitions and having the evening of a lifetime!

Fine Dining with Gourmet Cooking!

If the bride happens to love food, you can plan a special surprise getting a gourmet chef to come over and cook for the bride. The best part is everyone at the party can relish fine dining in a comfortable home environment and the bride can also learn how to whip up a gourmet meal quickly at the hands of a master chef.

Please Don’t stop the Music

Mix the music and drinking to amp up the fun for your bash. Tell the bride she had to take a shot the moment the DJ stops the music (speak to the DJ for the right music intervals).

Perfect for events you are hosting at a bar, this game is one of the hens night ideas that ensures the bride is felling lightly buzzed and in the mood for partying!