How to Plan a Great Hens Party

The hens party is a fantastic way to celebrate the coming marriage of a good female friend. Single life can be tough, but it can also be full of fun learning experiences. Being able to have fun and talk openly and comfortably with a group of your best friends is the key to having a great hens night.

Advice on Planning a Party

Of course, there is some amount of pressure on the person who is planning the hens party, but applying a few good principles can make for a night to remember. Here are some hens party ideas:

  • Games: Most people love to play fun games at a hens night. The games that you choose should always meet the taste levels of those people who will be at the party, but fun should always be the keyword here.

  • Venue: Where the hens party takes place is really important. Whether it be at the local pub, restaurant, or marquee in the backyard, it’s crucial that everyone can get there and that everyone will have fun. For example, there’s no use planning a pub party if some people are tee-totallers!

  • People: Who you choose to invite will have a huge influence on how the party turns out. Always try to invite people who will get along. Never invite people who don’t know the bride, and never invite people who don’t get along!

A Night to Remember

By sticking to a few good rules, it is possible to organise a truly wonderful and memorable hens night.