If you want to make memories in the form of keepsakes, you may want to consider buying sashes for your hens party guests. Sashes for hens parties are usually coloured hot pink and are made for specific people in the bridal party.

For example, hens party sashes are specifically designated to be worn by the bride, bridesmaid, maid of honour, and mother of the bride. Each of the sashes can be worn by any of the named participants who take part in the girls’ night out.

A Pink and Black Feather Boa

The sashes, which are made of a satin fabric, have the words “Bride,” “Bridesmaid,” etc. imprinted in white on the face of the sash. Hearts are typically included on either side of the imprint. To complement the adornment, you may also may want to offer your hens party guests a pink and black feather boa to wear. The boa is highlighted with sprinklings of silver.

How About a Flapper Headband with a Pink Feather?

You might consider a pink and silver flapper headband for your hens party guests, too. The silver flapper headband features a large fuchsia feather accent. A rosette badge that says “Bride to Be” may also be worn instead of the aforementioned sash.

Hens night banners are sold as well. This type of party accessory can be stretched to a length of 3.65 metres. It is just over 11 centimetres in width.

Whatever selections you make, you are sure to find just the right products for your hens night out celebration or a party at your home.