Plan the Perfect Hens Night Party

The hens night has quickly become a tradition around the country. While men are living it up at their special bucks’ night parties and having a good time, women are celebrating the end of single life for the bride-to-be at their own special gathering.

Ideas for the Hens Night

The best friend of the bride-to-be is normally the one tasked with organising the hens night, including bachelorette party games. It’s a big responsibility and sometimes the task can become pretty overwhelming! The good news is that organising the perfect hens night party is certainly possible with some forethought and savvy. Here are some ideas:

  • Venue : Choosing the right venue for the party is nearly as important as inviting the right mix of people. The important thing to remember is to choose a venue where everyone will be comfortable and have fun. This could be a local bar, club, café, or restaurant. It could even be in someone’s backyard! It’s no good choosing to go on a pub crawl when the bride-to-be doesn’t really like drinking, for example.

  • Invitees : Apart from choosing the right venue for the party, it’s also really important to invite the right mix of ladies. Typically, the hens night will be comprised of really good friends but there’s nothing wrong with inviting others if you think that they’ll add something to the mix and have a really good time. The crucial thing is to invite people who will all get along together.

  • Bachelorette Party Games: Choosing the right bachelorette party supplies is essential when planning a night of gaming fun. Fortunately, there are all sorts of products from which to choose when you look online at a website like

A Night to Remember

A well-planned hens night can definitely end up being a night to remember! If organising it gets overwhelming, just remember to stick to the basics: invitees, venue, and party games.