bride tribe, cheap hens night games

Are you planning a bachelorette party for your friend's last night as a single lady? Games are a must to keep the party moving and to make sure everyone has a good time they'll remember forever. Check out these fun and inexpensive party games to help make your friend's hen night a complete success and leave everyone hoping for more.

Groom Questions

Put together a list of questions about the bride and groom’s relationship. Have the groom answer them earlier and then hide the answers. Later, have the bride answer the same questions in front of everyone and see how close her answers relate to the grooms. It's a fun way to test the bride's knowledge of her future husband and will leave the party guests in tears. Bring everyone into the game and have them try and answer, as well. See who ends up with the most answers similar to the groom’s. Hopefully, it's the bride!

Bachelorette version of "Never Have I"

Time to take this old school drinking game and give it a hen night twist. Put together a list of 20 to 30 questions focusing on the subject of the bachelorette and her stag and see how many of the bride tribe end up drinking!

Piñata Time

Who wouldn't want to be blindfolded, given a big stick, and told to go to town on a pecker piñata?  Have your guests take turns whacking it till it bursts! There are tons of enjoyable, cheap hens night games to choose from. All are sure to be a hit!

Use some of these fun game ideas to help turn your friend's hen night into the best of her life! Make it a memory worth remembering, or as much of it as possible!