Can a wedding event really go ahead without a hens night?  In modern times it is accepted to hold a hens party for an engaged friend as a celebration of the good times you have had as friends. As BFFs, the best you can do is to pull off the best hens party activities by coming together as a group and making the day truly thrilling. It is a moment for the soon bride-to-be to let loose and have a night to remember. It is no wonder then that hens night games are so popular today.


If you have been chosen to organise your friend’s hens night activities, you must appreciate the honour that has been bestowed upon you. This is not your ordinary gals’ party but it should be a memorable celebration with scintillating hens night ideas marking the event. Well, there are so many hens party ideas to choose from whether you want to go club hopping, hold a nights girl out, a themed house party or even a wine tour.  Ultimately you will come together at the bachelorette party and this is the core of the event.


The ambience should clearly highlight the importance of the occasion and using hens party accessories will spice up the party. From banners, party decorations, veils, baseball caps, headbands, bride-to-be glasses to pecker earrings, it is possible to add some oomph to the hens party games that you have in store. The bachelorette party games will look more authentic when the venue and guests are fully adorned in hens party themed accessories. Go on and order gaudy hens night accessories to spice up the party!