If there is one honour your best friend can bestow upon you, it has to be organising their hens night.  It might not appear like a big deal but remember a hens party is the last time your friend will be free to fully be a girl once again.  The fear of the unknown mixes with all the anxiety to make your friend a bag of nerves. While you might not think hens night games are a big deal, you should always try to get the hens night ideas to make this day a great one.  You have to pull off a party like no other and you can bet this will be a hard one.


Well, all hens party ideas seem to have been tried but who said you have to invent the wheel? The idea is to first understand what your bestie loves and what she might not have tried out before.  It might seem like a night out partying is a great idea, but isn’t this what you have been doing every other weekend? When thinking of hens night activities, make sure you think outside the box. 


A dress up photo shoot out in the woods and a party with friends might not have come to mind when listing hens party activities but what is holding you back from trying this out? A salsa dance session is also a perfect addition to bachelorette party games and ideas and it will help you bind even more. Such ideas make the bachelorette party more than just another ordinary party. The memories you create as you plan and finally hold the hens night activities are indelible not only for the soon bride-to-be but everyone in her pack of friends.