You finally got asked that exciting question and agreed to marry the love of your life. Now you need to throw the biggest hens night ever created with many games and exciting stops to enjoy along the way. What good would a hens party be without the right equipment? After all, these amazing games and props make your last adventure as an unmarried woman all the more exciting. Whether you rent a party bus and tour the entire city on a night-long crawl or spend your night settled into one place with plenty of games and fun to be had, you need to stock up on the proper games.


Why Games

Hens night games, or bachelorette party games, provide a level of fun no other type of night could bring about. For example, the “pecker” ring toss game was designed to provide hours of hilarious fun with the winner getting a special prize. You cannot fail to invite nearly every fun-loving person you know to make the party all the more enjoyable.

These games liven up the night, making it clear that this is something altogether different than the usual affair. Sashes designed to help the bride stand out, novelty games, and more simply make the night more exciting from start to finish. You did not do your hen party right if you did not take the time to visit and get your hands on this game which should be a flagship for any hen party.



It doesn’t matter who you are, money is always going to present at least some concern and you need to make sure that costs don’t get out of hand. If there was one piece of advice to give, it would be to set a realistic budget (and stick to it). We understand that you need to focus your budget towards other aspects of the party. Rather than spending all your additional money on decorations and party games, you can stock up on multiple items without once needing to push your budget too far. With this, you can buy more drinks, visit more places, or enjoy more luxurious accommodation. However you choose to have your hens party, you stand to benefit with the right games brought into the mix.