Hens Treats


What differentiates one hens night from another? Well, the idea is the same which is to help a bride-to-be to relax and give her best friends a chance to enjoy before she is finally hitched, but how the party is set up matters a lot.


A hens party is a highlight before the nuptials and pulling off the perfect event means looking for creative hens party activities.  Most of the hens night games and hens night ideas have already been tried and if you are tasked with organising hens night activities, you have to do some sharp thinking. 


If you have already picked a bachelorette party venue, you can enliven the night with amazing hens treats which are uniquely naughty and exciting. Think of the looks on your guests’ faces when they are given Willy cake moulds or pecker sweets to savour! Better still, what about pecker lollipops for the bride?


These treats might not have been in your mind when thinking of hens party games and activities, but consider the fun they will bring to the party. No one will have foreseen such a surprise and you can bet the naughty treats will have everyone loosening up in order to enjoy the activities you have lined up. At this juncture, picture the bride sucking on a big pecker lollipop while aiming for the eye on a stick a dick stud game.  It can never get funnier than this and isn’t this what bachelorette party games are all about?


Sweeten your hens party by ordering these treats and you can bet everyone will remember this night.