Make Your Bachelorette Party


There’s a whole mountain of text on the beauty of weddings and the sanctity of marriage.

Bachelorette parties are just a little bit different.

A good bachelorette party is about fun, pure and simple. In a few days, you’ll be married. In a few days, you or your girlfriend will walk down that aisle, exchange vows, and take the plunge but tonight – tonight’s all about fun.

Pecka Products, one of the leading suppliers of hens games and accessories understand full well the importance of providing bachelorettes and girlfriends across the continent with all manner of goods and games to give your bachelorette one last wild night of wish-fulfilment fun and freedom.

Decorations and Party ware

What’s a party without a few decorations? Of course, a bachelorette party isn’t just any kind of party; from inflatable men to all manner of differently coloured and saucily-shaped streamers and balloons, the best bachelorette decorations and party ware offerings are truly one of a kind.

Bachelorette Games

Bachelorette parties involve a, shall we say, “Different” set of games. Here, you’ll be able to find all manner of light-hearted bridal shower games and goodies to give away at the party. There are options available both for bridal showers as well as drinking games (because really, what would a wild party be without those?)

Bachelorette Regalia

Weddings have glowing, flowing gowns and beautiful bridesmaids dresses.

Bachelorette party attire is just a little bit different.

Here you’ll be able to find different party tiaras as well as 1920s-esque feathered flapper headbands, ties, singlets, sashes, party giveaways such as sunglasses, whistles and so much more.

Add a touch of spice to your bachelorette party with these hens games and other unforgettable products!