Planning Your Hens Night


Hens nights are some of the most fun nights you can have before a wedding. They’re known for their lewd humour and late nights, but they also help to bring together people who have maybe not seen each other in a long time. Friends from childhood and from university can come and meet up for a party and to celebrate a wedding. If you’re planning a hens night, you need to decide whether you want to stay in or go out. If you choose to go out, you should pick certain accessories.

Going Out

Hens night sashes are very popular for parties that prefer to go out. If you head out to a pub with your friends, you can have sashes for the entire group, or just one for the bride-to-be. The sashes tend to range from simple ones announcing who is the bride to quite bawdy sashes. They are somewhat over the top and extravagant, but that’s whole the point of a hens night.

Staying In

If you’re staying in, you’ll need many hens night accessories. Ice cube trays, chocolate moulds, and other serving dishes are popular. It’s popular for them to be shaped like peckers for added fun, but they can come in other styles as well. There are also some simple options for balloons, hats, novelty sunglasses, and other party accessories.

You should consider how you would like to celebrate your hens night. Once you’ve decided whether you should go out or stay in, you can choose which accessories are right for you and the party you want to plan.