If you are thinking about a hens party, it will surely involve some of your best friends, a wonderful venue, some awesome drinks and a fun-filled night. You can make this even more interesting with the right accessories for this special night. Hen accessories range from costumes, novelties, games, hens night activities and items to take home that will make you remember this night forever. Most of the accessories used in a bachelorette party are extremely affordable so they can be used even on a budget plan. We bring you some fun-filled accessories that will enlighten your night in kinky ways!


Accessorising costumes makes you stand out in the crowd and you become a part of the party immediately. You can find a number of sashes for the bridesmaids, maid of honour and the bride herself. It is normally customary to dress up the bride differently than the others so that she stands out. Games

Games help break the ice in the party. You will find a number of accessories like unique shaped cards or pecker pinata for some exciting hens night activities. These are easily affordable.

Cheeky Accessories

A hens party is incomplete without some cheeky and naughty accessories. This can include various funny phallic shaped articles, napkins, inflated accessories, etc. They will surely add to the laughter in the party and make your friends enjoy the evening a lot more.

Accessorise your party with some naughty accessories and make this last night of freedom a super fun one!