party out of the box: 3 more unusual hens party ideas!

As wedding season nears, you start getting out your best party dresses and dancing shoes in anticipation of all the hens parties you will inevitably be invited to. You expect each party to be almost the same trope, with all the “tried-and-true” methods that stopped being fun a long time ago. When it’s your turn to throw a hens party for your BFF, you decide that you are going to do something different!

You know you’re going to have to come up with more interesting bachelorette party games, and you must have a theme that no one has seen before. And you will definitely have to wow the bride to be. So, how do you throw that party that is totally out of the box? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Psychic Hens Party: interest in the spiritual and the psychic experience is one the rise in recent years. Many are approaching psychics for a reading, whether it be for entertainment, or out of a serious pursuit of spiritual guidance. If your BFF is into psychic and tarot card readings, then it would be a fun idea to invite a well-known psychic to do a reading for the guests at the hens party. The bride is at an important juncture in her life, and would want to know something more on how she should take things in future. A bit of spiritual l guidance can be reassuring as well as a fun way to bring the group together.

  2. High Tea: the concept of tea brings to mind a calming and elegant environment, with delicious finger food, cakes sweets, chatting and an endless pot of steaming tea. What could be more calming for a bride who has a hectic week ahead? Hand out some hens party sashes and tiaras, stick out your little pinky fingers, and have a little princess tea party!

  3. Pet Spa Day Hens Party: does the bride have a little four-legged friend at home that she absolutely dotes on? Plan a hens party at a spa for pets and their owners. The guests can bring their pets too, and enjoy a day of pampering at the spa. Pets get their own sessions too! And you can follow this up with lots of prosecco, lovely organic food for the pets and the guests, some light bachelorette party games for everyone, and a long walk on the green. Such a relaxing and zen day for everyone and their pets!