Party Out of the Box: 3 Unusual Hens Party Ideas!

Are you looking to throw the hens party that will be talked about for the rest of the year? Are you so done with the usual dinner, drinks and the mindless dancing in bars? Has your bride to be friend ‘seen it all and frankly quite exasperated with the whole hens party thing’? Then you need to do some of that proverbial thinking out of the box, and throw a party that is unexpected and unusual! Incorporate some fun and innovative activities, throw in some unusual bachelorette party supplies, and a lot of food and drinks and you’re good to go!

Here are some ideas that have almost never been done before:

  1. 1. Go-Kart Racing: Yes, girls can do that too! Do you have a need for speed, is the bride a bit of an adrenaline junkie? Then Go-Karting is the perfect activity. Get suited up, put on that helmet (safety first, of course), and go zooming down the Go-Kart lane. There are quite a few indoor go-karting companies that offer a wide range of packages that can accommodate a hens party. Book a package beforehand, and arrive in time to get a heads up on the course and some simple skills. Pick out bride tribe tank tops and tattoos and other hens party supplies, so you can identify your gang at the course. And now, let the race begin, and last one buys everyone drinks!

  2. 2. Candy making class: this is again unusual, but perfect for a bride to be who has a sweet tooth. Book a class with an expert and spend a couple of hours with the girls, learning to pull taffy, the history of candy making, how cotton candy becomes that perfect cloud of sugar, and how to make your very own flavours of lollipops. The classes come with their own free canapés and little treats too! There will also be wine and drinks to go along with the sweet treats. All in all, it can turn out to be a sweet day out with the girls, and a goody bag to take home!

  3. 3. Makeover parties: these go down best with the ladies. Hair and makeup, new clothes, and a lot of laughing, sipping on champagne and gossiping! Who would say no to that? The makeover can be more fun if it is based on the 20s, the 60s or even the 80s when the hair and makeup and even the clothes were flamboyant and over the top. You can find the perfect hens party supplies in terms of string pearls, sashes, and headbands in some hens party websites.  The bride will love playing dress up, and the party is sure to turn out fabulously Instagram worthy!