Sensual Games for Hens Party ActivitiesYour best friend’s wedding can certainly bring a lot of maid of honour duties your way. One of the most exciting, yet important duty is planning the bachelorette bash. Planning lots of exciting hens party activities is a must if you want to make it memorable for the bride. Use these ideas to spice up your best friend’s hens party-

Charades with a twist!

When in a large group, a game of charades is a great way to perk up the party. For a hens night, there is no better game than adding a twist to the conventional charades. Split the invitees up into two and get geared up for some fun, as this game entails the guests masquerading as an ex-boyfriend. Have the bride and her friends’ guess who it is to win!

You can quiz the bride about each of her ex before the party and find out some of their irritating traits to add a fun twist to the game.

Flaunt a Sensual Skill

You can have a hobby round where the ladies have to flaunt a skill/hobby; however, it must be a sensual one! Be it belly dancing, pole dancing or giving the bride a special lap dance, let the guests flaunt their exotic dancing skills. Clue in the ladies about the hens night games beforehand to give them time to hone their strip teasing skills.

Elevate the fun to a whole new level by giving out pecker earrings and other keepsakes as a party favour!