While you may have never hosted or been to a hens party yet, it is not difficult to imagine about its goings on. While according to men most ladies plan to have silly pillow fights, followed by making out and gossiping all night; a real party is much more fun. This write-up tells you exactly about the hens party ideas and what these parties entail for the engaged hen.


How the Evening Begins

Whether your woman has a large entourage or just a few close friends coming to the party; you should know that most of these nights begin at a nice diner or bars. What happens is that all the invited women convene at the spot and get to know each other amidst a little food and more drink. This is how the party gets going for the bridesmaids and the bride-to-be get sloshed with ample drinks that send them off in a drunken stupor releasing their wild-side.


The Entertainment

You should know that not all bachelorette bashes opt for entertainment. However, when you do see live entertainment, it is not likely to be a band, a clown or dancers. You can hope to see male strippers who are frequently clad as pizza delivery guys, policemen, and even firemen in the interest of role play.


Dressing up the Bride

The bride is then bedecked by the guests with intriguing baubles like imprinted tiaras, a sash that singles her out as the bride or even a sexy veil. It is then that the games really begin and the party is moved to a more private area where the girls can let their hair down.

Most events are hosted by the maid of honour who has a whole host of hens party ideas up her sleeve. The entail embarrassingly sensual games for the bride-to-be and her friends that include everything from edible underwear to wiener shaped desserts.