Planning a wedding is a lot of work. Most weddings are planned over a year in advance to make sure that all the details are correct. The bride and/or the wedding planner spend countless hours making sure that the day goes off without any blemishes. The hen party is a time for the bride to sit back and relax. Traditionally, the matron or maid of honour throws the hens party, however anyone can host the hens party. The bride should never be in charge of hosting their own hens night. Although anyone can host there are some things that should always happen when you are organising the hen sparty.

Consult the bride

Although the bride is not hosting the hen party she should be consulted while it’s being planned. The bride’s wishes should be considered and anything she wishes not to happen should not happen. You want to consult the bride about the guests, the events, and any rules she may want everyone to abide by.

The bride never pays

The host should get with the other guests and pay for the hens party. The bride should never pay for anything at her hen party. The best option would be to set a budget with the other bridesmaids and hen party guest so that everything will be covered. For the most part each guest will be responsible for paying for their own meals, drinks, and entry into the nights activities, but the brides cost should be split.

Talk with the other bridesmaids

Even if one person is in charge of all the planning it’s still a good idea to get together with everyone and be in agreement about all of the events of the night/ event. It can be difficult to get a consensus from everyone involved and most people will not agree with the hens party activities 100%, but asking can ease the mind of those that may take offense. Agreeing to keep things simple will help keep everyone from going at each other throats.

The bride should never be in charge of planning her own hens party. She should always be consulted on the hens party ideas and activities. You want to make sure that the bride is in agreement on how everything should go. The bride will also set the tone on how things will go. If the bride decides she has some don’ts than everyone should make sure her wishes are understood. Planning a hens and letting the bride set the tone are two different events. If you have a bride that insists on planning her hen party then you should let her help, but just remember to plan some little surprises she won’t expect coming.