Ah yes, the hens night. It can be fun and it does not have to go crazy with over board naughtiness. Just among the girls, there is a lot that can be talked about and played around with that is just in the near realm of being naughty, without crossing the line. There is no reason to exclude a person from the hens night festivities because there is too much dirty talk going around for them to handle. That is just wrong and defeats the purpose of getting together.

However, there is much to be dealt with that can be just on the edge of naughty and still be in the classy range of fun. Let us face it, there are things that girls just want to talk about and there are things that really need to be out in the open. Some of the classic Hens Night Games include Pin the Macho on the Man and Stick a Dick.  You can still have a classy hens night with these traditional games.  Whether you have a pamper party, night out on the town, cocktails, or night in, willy decorations and pecker novelties used as gifts can still add fun and laughter without bringing the event down.

It is easy to remember that if we treat each and every person with respect then we will get that respect back in turn. If anyone is starting to show signs of massive discomfort, then the room can ease the subject to something else. Just make sure that everyone is in the same boat and then everyone will have fun. There is no reason to leave being classy behind. True class means keeping everyone comfortable and everyone happy at a function.

We can guarantee that when the boys get together the conversation goes south and most likely way south. Why let the boys have all the fun? One classy lady to another, there is nothing wrong with some willy paraphernalia at a hens night and Bachelorette party.  The hardest decision will be what pecker decorations you choose!