We’ve all heard ghastly bridezilla stories, but how many of us are aware that there also exists a sub species called the bridesmaid-zilla. It isn’t difficult to recognise one, but what if you are ‘the bridesmaid-zilla’ and everyone around you is wary to tell this to you on your face? Here are 5 subtle signs to recognise if you are one:

The bride keeps on dropping hints that she’d like a quite dinner with friends for her hens night, but you think otherwise:

Not everyone’s idea of a hens night involves celebrations with strippers and naked waiters. Sometimes, all that the bride wants is a quiet night with her friends and some fun hens night decorations so that she can relax before her special day. If the bride has dropped subtle hints about not liking the idea of getting drunk and flirting with strangers, while you insist that it the best way of celebrating her ‘last night of freedom’, it is high time you rethink your role.

The bride keeps conversations with you to the minimum:

Understand that it is the bride’s special day. She’s put months of planning for her wedding. It doesn’t make sense to keep on complaining about the dress, makeup, or hairstyle, unless it too awkward. She’s already in a lot of stress. The least you can do is come to the rehearsals or dress fittings on time.

Weddings can make or break a friendship that probably went on years. Most of all be careful when you chose to agree to be the bridesmaid- if you cannot commit to the duties that come with the role, it is best to avoid it.