Hen dos have received a lot of bad press lately thanks to the extravagance involved. A typical hens weekend could easily set you back by a few hundred dollars that were probably spent on an unattractive stripper or unimaginative group activities. But with a little imagination and planning, hen dos can be fun. Here are three reasons why every bride ought to have a hens night:

It’s a Rare Chance To Meet Up With Old Friends: Getting to meet old friends for a good old session of pure gossiping is something that you wouldn’t want to miss. Even if aren’t keen on the gossip part, it still feels great to reconnect with friends with whom you’ve lost touch.

It’s a Time to Feel Special: It feels nice to walk into a room knowing that you are the special guest of honour at the event. Don’t we all love the attention and pampering that goes on at a hens do? Friends and family make you nostalgic by recollecting all those special memories and funny stories you’ve shared with them.

It’s Your Last Day to Act Silly: A hens night is the perfect excuse to act silly and girly without being judged harshly (just remember not to cross the line!). As earlier said, hens nights do not have to be expensive. The least you can do is to have drinks at the local pub or a meal at home. And to add some party fun, buy some cheap hens night supplies from us.