A Hens night is fun to attend, but can be daunting to plan. Picking an exciting event that everyone will enjoy can be tricky; however the perfect bachelorette party is within your reach. If you are looking to plan a night for a bride to be, there are a plethora of hens party activities Sydney offers. One of these ideas will be sure to please the bride and her guests.


If you want a refined and grown up evening, there are a number of vineyards and wine tastings available in Sydney. If the bride is a wine enthusiast then this will be a thrilling treat for her. This is a great way to share fine wine and lovely conversation with the bride before her big day. You will learn about what the aroma of the wine tells you and basic wine knowledge, then you’ll get to taste test.


There are many culinary ideas available as well. If the bride has a sweet tooth, or if small children are in the party, this is a family friendly idea. Sydney offers a walking tour of various chocolatiers, allowing you to sample a variety of decadent and different chocolates. A variety of sweet shops and other culinary shops offer cooking classes. Italian, barbecue, Asian, and bread making classes are a few options so you can cater this to your bride’s tastes.


The Bride is sure to love a bit of pampering before her big day, and her friends won’t say no to it either. Sydney offers different options for this like a mobile massage where the masseuse will come to you or many different spa packages. This well let the bride and all her guests relax and get treated before the big day.


Of course there are plenty of hens party ideas Sydney offers that include the water. The group can go on fishing expeditions or just enjoy a relaxing evening of sailing. There are many cruises available that can be tailored to your party’s size and the amount of time you have. Some of these have food and learning opportunities included. There is even a treasure hunt option where the bride can sail the high seas like a pirate looking for a bounty.


If the bride enjoys the nightlife, then it’s time to hit the town. Ideas for this include renting a party bus or a limo to take the hens party to all the hottest clubs in Sydney. This could also be paired with entertainment like a singer, a belly dancing class, or a trip to a fine restaurant beforehand.


One Sydney hens night idea is sure to be a success. The important thing is simply to consider what the bride enjoys and plan the outing from there. Whether you sample food and wine, or go sailing, the true highlight of the day is the bride. Help her create a memory that she can cherish and the hens party will be a success.


Stay tuned as we provide some great hens party ideas, hens party activities and hens night accessories for all Australia and New Zealand!  If you want to know something specifically for a certain area please let us know