Things You Shouldn’t Fail To Do In A Hens Party

A hens party is a small and intimate affair. However, that doesn’t mean it is less stressful. Even the simplest one has foods and drinks to arrange, transports to organise getting people from different places, and ladies of different categories to entertain with hens party games. If you are a first timer organiser, you should really get some hens night ideas from people who have organised events like this before or from the internet.

Do not fail to do the following things,

-  Bride is the most important person of a hen’s party. So include activities she likes and avoid those she doesn’t. Keep in mind that her happiness is the primary goal of the party and her tastes should be prioritised over others, even you.

-  Plan everything well before and pay attention to even minor details. Book all the places you would visit during the party in advance. Most party would have at least 10 members, and making them all to have a good time is your responsibility.

-  A hens party is not like other parties you may have had before. It involves many people from different categories such as the bride’s colleagues, family members, play mates and school friends and they may have never met each other before. So include games to bring all of them together.

-  Make sure to keep an eye on the bride and do not let her go overboard with the tequila shots. Keep her well hydrated and properly fed throughout the party.

Once you have taken care of all that is necessary, relax and enjoy the party along with the bride as she really needs you by her side.