Must Avoid While Planning a Hens PartyIt’s a big responsibility to pull off a great hens party for your best chum. There sure will be heaps of hens night ideas about party themes, customised gifts and chic accessories floating around. Very often people are too overwhelmed with the planning that they tend to miss out on the basic protocols behind a hens party. We bring to you three “often-overlooked” yet very critical factors that must be avoided for a stress-free hens night.

Check the Bride’s Schedule

A Hens night is considered the last chance for uninterrupted fun before the bride takes her vows. Do not cram the party night right before the wedding or at the end of a busy weekday. Plan the leisure night weeks before the wedding to ensure there is nothing else to worry about and plenty of time to recover.

Be Precise with the Guest List

The hens night is all about the bride. Do not price out people who may be very important to the bride. Do not invite the mother-in-law or the sister-in-law unless you are utterly sure that the bride will be happy about it. Keep the right number of people with no splinter groups or factions.

Do not Get Caught in the Last Minute Swirl

Travel plans in the case of destination parties, venue booking, and party accessories shopping must be done at least 2-3 days prior to the big night. It is great that you have creative ideas flowing in till the last minute but to be organised is the top most priority to keep stress at bay.