Hens party games are the best way to break the ice and to get people more involved into the night. With the list of party games below, one can be assured of creating a night to remember and memories for a lifetime.

Truth or Dare

Throw a volley of embarrassing questions and mischievous dares at the coy bride on her last night of freedom. From getting a guy’s number from the bar to revealing the groom’s naughtiest secrets; feel free to pull the bride’s leg through the night.

Pin the Willy

Everyone has heard about “pin the tails on the donkey” game. Pin the Willy is one of those hens night games that can get the room roaring in laughter. However in this version of the game the donkey is replaced with a picture of a hot hunk and the tail with a Willy.

Sexy Treasure Hunt

Plan a treasure hunt for the bride by making funny clues and using suggestively shaped party accessories. At the end of the treasure hunt, the bride gets to open a surprise gift which may anything naughty, erotic or outrageously hilarious.

Newly-Weds Game

Ask a set of questions to the groom before the party begins and be sure to record it. During the party have the bride-to-be answer the same questions. Though she might be right most of the time, do not admit it and provoke her for funnier answers. At the end of the game, play the recording and you can be sure to amuse the bride and her guests.