Pink Pecker Honeycomb Centrepieces

If you have been trying to think how you can make a huge statement at the Hen’s party you are planning then the solution is in your centrepieces.  Whether you will have guests seated at tables or they will be sitting in the living room of your house, it is important to have centrepieces that will grab their attention and leave no doubt in their minds that this will be the hen’s party to beat all.


The pink pecker honeycomb centrepiece is just what you need. If you have your girls sitting at tables then you can have it as the centrepiece for each table.  However, if you only have one table where they can pick their food and then sit elsewhere, making this the centrepiece of that particular table will not just be funny, it will also set the mood.  Alternatively, you can create a delightful centrepiece sitting atop the coffee table if the hen’s party will kick off in a home.


When packaged this hens party decoration lies flat so that it is easy to ship.  Once you open it however, and have it standing upright you will have a pecker that is 37cm tall sitting on a bottom that is 38 cm in diameter.  This fun decoration comes at $10.95 and you can buy as many as you need for your event.  You can be sure that the ladies will giggle first and then ooh and aah over your centerpieces. Of course you will need to ensure that the other décor goes with this particular theme since they will be your focal point.