Macho on the Man Game

If you are planning a hen’s party you will need to think about the games that you will play to keep the girls active, engaged and having a great time.  After they have eaten and chit chatted a bit, it will be time to pull out your games and have some fun.  Since it’s a hen’s party it is only to be expected that the décor and the games will be heavy on the pecker theme.  This means that the décor, the cake, the games and all things hen’s night will be expected to lean more towards the naughty side of things. There is such a thing as a classy pecker hens party!


One of the games that you can play is a twist on the old ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ game.  Instead you will be pinning the macho on the man.  You can be sure that the girls will be tickled pink as they see the bride to be and their other friends try to locate the macho on the man.  Pin the Macho on the man game comes with a large poster, 24 by 36 inches, of the ‘macho man.’ It also has 15 uproarious cartoon units each with a poem that applies to the different types of guests that you have at the party.


There are also 10 units that are generic that allow you room to use your imagination as a group.  Of course the person who wins the game will be the one who has their unit as close as possible to the right place.  As the party planner you will need to come with your own blindfold, scissors and tape and don’t forget a fun novelty hens party game prize.