There are probably a handful of girls in the whole world who are not attracted to chocolate. Gluten-free, dairy-free, with nuts, without nuts, chocolates come in all types and never fail to satisfy the senses. If you have a bride-to-be buddy who is an ardent fan of chocolates, why not plan an exclusively “chocolaty” hens night?

Here are some great hens night ideas for the chocolate lovers.

Arrange a Chocolate Making Workshop

If your friend or her groom never hesitates to binge on chocolates, this activity might just be the ideal choice for the hens weekend. Gather a few close friends of the bride and watch her learn the art of making her favourite thing in the whole wide world. Pack some of her creations and show it off to the groom and other guests for a pride moment.

Gift an Exotic Collection of Handmade Chocolates

Wondering what to gift your best chum on her special night? Chocolates are a girl’s best friend. Put together a collection of carefully handpicked unique chocolate flavours that can get her drooling. Arrange for the pub to have some specially crafted chocolate flavoured cocktails as this is a match made in heaven.

Plan Party Games around the Chocolate Theme

While looking for the most suitable hens party ideas for chocolate themed games, the sky is the limit. From Willy shaped chocolates to the “suck the chocolate” game feel free to explore the naughtiest options around chocolates.