If your friend is getting married and you are planning a special hens night for her, you must do it brilliantly so that she can celebrate the new stage of her life in a fun-filled way. Some of the important things to remember while planning the part are the guest list, the location, means of transport, theme and matching accessories and the hen night activities that you can enjoy throughout the night. Since this is an once-in-a-lifetime occasion, there can be a lot of pressure on someone who is planning the party. We bring you some cool hens party ideas that will help you create an unforgettable night for your friends!

Figure out the best time for the event

Remember that celebrations are memorable only when all close friends and family members are a part of it. Pick a date that is convenient for most of the guests. Also, if you want to plan a weekend getaway, try and plan it in advance so everyone can be present.

Ideal Location

Depending on what the hen wants for her party, you can pick a location that offers a similar kind of experience. Rather than first picking the location and then planning as per its restrictions, it is better to first decide on your hens night ideas and then look for a suitable location.

Activities and Games

The night or weekend will be incomplete without the right activities and games. You can plan a murder mystery, play Hen Night dare cards, truth or dare, rate the man, pole dancing, pecker pinata etc. to add some naughty fun in the party! You can find some amazing accessories, game ideas and themes online that will help you create a mesmerising hens night for your friend!