Bachelorette Parties: What’s Trending in 2018

The bachelorette party has evolved a lot over the years. Earlier, the bride to be had limited options, with a night out with the ladies involving a lot of drinking, visiting a male stripclub, and donning tacky accessories. For those who were not excited at the prospect of a sweaty night in a bar and a terrible hangover the next morning, they had to make do with a low profile dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Nowadays, though, the bride to be and her bride tribe are spoilt for choices on a fun and memorable night out before their bestie takes the plunge. Anything from wine tasting to running a 5k has become the norm for a bachelorette party. There’s even a boost in all kinds of trendy bachelorette party supplies that can make your party oh so much fun. And every year new ideas are brought to the fore, filling up Instragram and Facebook with pages with pictures that will give any bride to be and maid of honour major goals.

So, what’s trending in 2018, in the world of bachelorette parties? Here are few new themes that you could try out, if you are in charge of throwing a night to remember for your bestie. Try a twist on the old, or going for a daring new idea that will wow the girls!

  1. 2. Go on a Road Trip: Hollywood can spin a tale out of almost anything, but they are not far when it comes to road trips. Your childhood memories might remind you of how much fun a road trip can actually be. Imagine bundling all your friends into a vehicle, and going on a trip now, as adults! Especially right before one of your friends is about to say ‘I Do’. A road trip can bring about a lot of bonding among your friends, and experiencing a new place while you’re at it is just an added bonus. Eating, drinking (and driving safely, or course), dancing, touring, camping and maybe even some shopping for some clothes or hens party supplies – what could be more fun than that!

  2. 2. Glamping in the “Great Outdoors”: “Glamping” – that’s glamorous camping, if you haven’t already made the connection, and everybody’s doing it this year. Don’t want the fuss and grime of going on an actual camping trip out in the wild? Can’t really blame you. Sometimes getting twigs out of your hair and trying to make that dying fire heat up your coffee can make you more stressed out than picking out the right shade of white for your tablecloths at the wedding dinner! But do you also feel like you need a literal breath of fresh air and some real breathing space before the big day? Then glamping is your answer! Hire a yurt, a treehouse, a teepee or a trailer for your glamping bachelorette party, and take it out to the great outdoors somewhere near you. You can even cheat and park it in the backyard of one of your friends, if they have a large one! Fill the trailer up with some glamping necessities – picnic food, wine, and some essential hens party supplies, and just watch the fun happen.

3. Concert time!: Yes! Take the girls out on a concert night! So simple and yet so much fun! Get tickets for the whole gang to the bride to be’s favourite band and have a fantastic night dancing and singing. Make sure you hit a restaurant or bar beforehand so you’re nourished enough to dance the night away!