How to Host a Murder Mystery Themed Hens Party


What are hens parties without the games? Having a bunch of activities that are creative, and can involve every guest is a key part of the hens party. However, it is hard to come up with fun games that everyone can join in, without bringing out the predictable ones that are overdone and that the bride herself may not enjoy. So, are you looking for hens party ideas that will wow your guests and are also easy to put together? Why not host a murder? Yes you heard us right, host a murder mystery hens party! Add an air of mystery and thrill to the hens party evening, and get the bride to join in on an unforgettable sleuthing experience – without all the blood and gore of an actual murder, of course!



Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. The Murder Game: the first requirement for the murder mystery hens party, obviously, is putting together the perfect murder. Who gets killed, what is the back story of the victim, what is the evidence available, and who are the suspects? These are all essential for the murder mystery to hold everyone’s fascination. However, it is almost impossible to create all of that on your own. There are many websites that can give you hens party ideas for a fake murder case, or even present you with board games and instructions for hosting a murder mystery hens party. Use the guidelines given to carefully plan out the fake murder.

  2. Get the actors roped in: the next step is to make sure the characters know they are involved, at least a little beforehand. And also, swear them to secrecy about their role in the mystery! If not, where’s the fun right? Discuss beforehand, their various roles, and positions (especially for the dead body!), and tell them what their characteristic body language, quirks, etc. are, so that people can identify the suspects easily. Give the bride to be the honour of being the chief detective and everybody else can assist her. This ensures she has maximum fun.

  3. Props and costumes set the tone: Set the ball rolling by handing out props and costumes that are relevant to the time and setting of the case. These are especially fun if the murder is in a period setting like the 1960s or earlier, when there were a lot of hats, canes, and monocles. Also, don’t forget the fake blood, the murder weapon and whatever else required to make the case as “authentic” as possible. Check out a well-known online hens party shop to find the best accessories and costumes.

  4. Food and drinks: don’t forget that it is still a party, so make sure there is enough food and drinks to keep the guests going till the “case” is solved. If the murder is set in a certain time period, make the party more interesting with food relevant to that particular time period.