A Hen’s party is one such event where there is no room for words like silly, odd or weird. Everything fits somewhere at the hens party. Hens party themes are a cool way to prep the ambiance of the party, here are a few ideas that can help you.

Pyjama Party:

How about having an adult pyjama party? Taking some time off from the hustle-bustle of wedding preparations and spending some time with friends can be a good way to relax those nerves a bit. Who doesn’t like to get in their pyjamas and hit the couch with nothing to worry about? Doing it with friends is all the more fun. Fun things can be done such as special hens night games, doing each other’s manicure and pedicure, playing dress up and topping it off with an in house party with music and dvds.

Princess and Fairy Tale Theme parties:

Every girl has at some point or the other dressed up as a princess. Bring out the girl in you by putting on a princess theme. Get the bride to be a special ‘Tiara’ and special hens party veil and sash.

Don’t forget to put together a hens night photo album:

Putting together special childhood photos and making them into a handmade album can be both an engaging activity and at the same time an opportunity to cherish special childhood memories. Make a timeline of special events of the bride. Collect pictures from various albums and make an awesome hens night album. You can have friends and family write wishes and messages. Write the story of how each of the bridesmaids met with the bride along with a picture of them together in each page. It also makes an amazing gift and memento for the Bride to Be.